When it comes to water damage restoration at your home or place of business in Orange County, CA no one does it better than us. Water damage can be caused by many reasons, but the most common ones are a faulty water line or a leaking roof.

Our team is trained to provide you with the most efficient water damage repair service to make your home and business liveable in no time. We also locate and remove the source of the water damage to help prevent this from happening again.

Causes of Water Damage

The causes of water damage are just as diverse as the ways we treat it. No matter how your crisis came about, Junior’s Water Damage Remediation has the equipment and know-how to resolve the damage made. Here are some ways you might incur water damage:

Faulty or damaged water lines or pipes

Overflowed dishwasher, washing machine, toilet, bathtub, or sink

Water damage to a crawl space

Flooding of your hot water tank

Torrential rains

Failed sump pump

Leaking roofs

Whether its a flooded home or an unexpected leak, we fully understand the urgency of getting the flood water extracted as soon as possible.

We offer emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year – because the sooner you get the water out, the less flood damage you’ll likely incur. Experts know that the worst flood damage occurs when water has been standing in your home for more than 48 hours. This means timing is everything when a flood occurs. You can rest assured our expert team will respond immediately and will get the situation under control in no time.

When the cleanup and repairs are finished, we sanitize and deodorize the areas; leaving your home both clean and safe.

Contact Junior’s Water Damage today to schedule a service or request a free estimate.

You might have many questions such as:

How much does it cost for water damage restoration?

How long does it take to repair water damage?

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